Fast track your business success

Reopening a business after the Coronavirus will bring new challenges and for some it will mean starting all over again. But don't forget, all your competitors will be in the same boat. With 30+ years' experience, idResults has the expertise to help you prepare a strategic plan along with a set of initiatives to fast track business recovery.

Every company has them, and if you want to develop and grow your business, then this is an ideal place to start. 

​idResults provides business management consulting services and is best known for developing successful retail brand strategies and integrated campaigns.

​We'll help you to define the unique trading context of your business and identify the critical challenges and key opportunities you face.

We then draw on our expert knowledge, international experience and unique skill set to provide you with innovative solutions to address one and strategies to capitalise on the other.

Founded by Graham Henrickson in 2008, idResults was established on the principle that business management consulting should be affordable for a company of any size and not exclusive to the big-end-of-town.

From day 1, idResults has delivered on that promise and helped small businesses to level the playing field with their big business rivals.

Single entities, groups and national chains; start-ups and established; online as well as bricks-and-mortar stores, our clients are diverse but have 2 things in common - the need to improve and the desire to grow.

Graham Henrickson is the founder of idResults

When you engage idResults, we become an extension of your business with a single purpose - to fast track your success. We do so by providing a range of expert services you need at a cost you can afford. These include:


  • Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Developing Brand Strategy

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Web Strategy and Design

  • Executive Mentoring​ Programs

  • Consumer Marketing​

  • Trade Marketing​

  • Creating 'brand signature'​

  • Media Planning​

  • eLearning LMS Platforms

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