WHY CHOOSE idResults?

Unless you had the necessary skill and experience, you’d never attempt to renovate your house without expert assistance or advice. Even if you were capable you would still need the help of registered professionals like plumbers and electricians to complete the job successfully.

So, why would you believe it possible to run a business and solve every challenge without ever seeking advice or expert help. Yet, this is what many business leaders do, refusing to ask for help; believing it to be a sign of failure. What they fail to understand is no individual has the knowledge, skill and ability to meet every single challenge they face in business.

There is much truth in the saying – ‘It’s lonely at the top’. That’s because many business leaders are increasingly isolated with little or no access to independent advice, alternative thinking or even a second opinion.

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness or defeat, rather it’s a sign of emotional intelligence, effective reasoning and the ability to think and act objectively.

Business leaders today face far more complex issues than ever before. The pace of consumer led change, a more diverse workforce, the growing demands of stakeholders and aggressive and unpredictable tactics by competitors; are just a few. Plus, there are the everyday struggles we all face like information overload and keeping up with technology.

So, when Graham Henrickson left the corporate world in July 2008, it was to launch idResults; a consulting firm that would make big-end-of-town expertise affordable for a business of any size. ​

A highly successful CEO with a reputation for turning businesses around, Graham's experience spans the entire retail supply chain from product development through to store planning & design, sales training and after-sales service. His career path qualifies him as a retail expert, while his achievements while working with some of the best brands in the world qualify him as an accomplished brand strategist.

idResults gives clients access to Graham’s extensive knowledge and unique skill-set; a combination that allows the Company to punch well above its weight. idResults consistently delivers outcomes that far exceed those of large firms but without the costly overheads. Strategic planning, web strategy & design, consumer & trade marketing as well as strategic brand management are among the Company's key areas of expertise.

From start-ups to well-established businesses; the client base is diverse. They include local as well as global brands, single entities, groups and national chains - both on-line plus and traditional bricks and mortar stores.


​If your business has reached a crossroad, faces the threat of increased competition or you simply seek to improve and grow, then call or email ​idResults to arrange a confidential discussion.

idResults works to assists businesses to improve efficiency, increase turnover and profitability, build better client relationships and increase company value. With Graham's unique background and track record of success, the Company was engaged by an international retailer and a major international jewellery brand well before its launch date and has since secured a growing list of diverse clients.



While Regional Managing Director for a global brand and Chairman of the Board for a $ multi-million industry association, Graham Henrickson became acutely aware that those from the big-end-of-town had easy access to expert help. But, for a small to medium size business the opposite was true.

​So, when he left the corporate world in 2008 it was to establish a management consulting firm that would level the playing field. idResults gives SME's access to the big business expertise they need at a cost they can afford.

Below are a few examples of the Company's work.



The Henrickson Story

Convinced to swap law for a career in retail, Graham Henrickson was the youngest Sales Manager in Myer history, won Australian Junior Retail Executive of the Year and went on to be become a highly successful Regional Managing Director for a global brand.....

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