Drawing on our knowledge and experience in business management and brand strategy, idResults developed a highly successful 3-step process that governs our approach to website projects. The first step is to ensure the site is aligned to the strategy for the business, the second deals with design and content and the third recognises that Rome wasn't built in a day and provides a plan for future enhancements or improvements.

1. Strategy

A website is just like any other business initiative. The best outcomes are the result of research and planning. These are things that need to be done before work on the design and content can even start.


They include:

  • Competitor Research

  • A clear understanding of the business strategy

  • Agreed objectives

  • Agreed measures for success

  • SEO planning

2. Design, Content & Functionality

The success of a website is determined by its ability to attract, connect and engage with its target audience. This is achieved through the site design, its content and decisions on how it will function.


This involves:

  • Choosing the design and layout option

  • Applying the brand signature

  • Sourcing of images/video production

  • Decision regarding Forms & automations

  • Written content (copy writing)

3. Future Development

As functionality increases so do visitor interactions and that typically increases the administrative burden. Taking a step by step approach with progressive improvements will reduce the risk of overwhelming the business or over complicating consumer interactions. 

A plan of future site enhancements could include:

  • An eNewletter or a BLOG

  • The ability to make and change appointments

  • Accepting online payments

  • An online store selling associated merchandise

  • Access to a resource library of relevant articles and videos

  • A site members program

  • Targeted email marketing

Businessman on Laptop


Like many others, the industry has it's own unique terminology. Understanding what different words or phrases mean can be difficult for those with limited knowledge. To help overcome this challenge, idResults prepared a list of the most commonly used terminology, their abbreviations along with their meaning.


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