What is Brand Signature?

When we recall of a brand, we usually think of the logo. That’s because a logo is the symbolic representation and the most common way of identifying and remembering brands. But the strongest brands are those that use other attributes to distinguish themselves and can be recognised by more than just a symbol. Some of these attributes are obvious like corporate colours, music and advertising layouts while others are more subtle such as font and vocabulary or language.

It’s this set of attributes that we call brand signature.

​​What are Touch-points?

A touch-point is a point of contact between a business and its customers. While some are easy to identify like a website, shopping bags and a Facebook Page, others are less so. Being less obvious doesn’t make them less important that’s because each one communicates something about a business/brand.

​Applying your brand signature to every touch-point capitalises on a basic rule of marketing – the more often the exposure, the more likely we are to recognise and remember the message. Studies have also found that if the brand experience engages more than just the one sense (hearing, taste, smell or touch), then the results are dramatically increased.

This new approach has been adopted by some of the world’s biggest brands and can be implemented with your own.

Identifying every touch-point requires a brand audit, which is easy enough. However, engineering each one to deliver a consistent and positive brand impression is another story altogether.

idResults are experts with considerable international experience in this field. It’s a low cost strategy that can increase the value of your business and because decisions are made by owners and not committees, it’s easier to implement with small companies than large.

The Singapore Airlines Example

The Singapore Airlines brand experience goes beyond the livery of its aircraft fleet and the iconic 'SIA Girl'. Among the many elements that make up the Singapore Airlines experience, the airline has developed its own signature fragrance and wearing it is mandatory for all cabin crew. It's sprayed on every SIA aircraft and infused into the hand towels given out on-board. By doing so, Singapore Airlines hopes it has a calming influence and creates a sense of familiarity for its passengers. The scent leaves a lasting impression on the subconscious that is reawakened and reinforced each time you fly.