Individual and Company Solutions 

Individuals Facing Career Crisis

The steps you should take to advance your career where once well-known and understood. But changes in the workplace has seen traditional career paths disappear. Job opportunity, flexibility and mobility have become more important than security, stability, and loyalty. The notion of a job for life has all but disappeared with the average tenure in a job just over 3 per years.

As a result, career crisis is something that will affect most people at least once and an increasing number will experience it often. It’s a traumatic and stressful state accompanied by anxiety, confusion and uncertainty about ones working future.  It can be triggered by events at work, changes in your personal life, exposure to new ideas or the setting of new goal. People suffering from career crisis feel lost or disconnected and often lose confidence in themselves.

For those facing a career crisis, idResults offers a Career & Skills Framework to identify your options, a new approach with Resumes so you stand out from the crowd and coaching to improve your interview skills.

Companies Attracting & Retaining Talent

With today’s employment flexibility and a better educated and more demanding workforce, companies can no longer rely on job salary and security to attract and retain top performers. As a result, many employers face a crisis of their own.

With the cost (direct + indirect) to fill a vacancy estimated to be 5 times the annual $salary of the position; the stakes are high. There’s a lot to lose if the wrong candidate is selected. To help a business mitigate this risk, idResults developed a structured process along with specific tools that have proven to be successful.

Research in 2014 by McCrindle predictsthat by retirement at 75, an 18-year-old leaving school today will have 17 different employers and 5 separate careers.