Consumer Marketing

Combining elements of traditional together with digital media can dramatically increase the reach and frequency of a campaign without increasing the cost.

Marketing Mix


While trade marketing is directed toward businesses, consumer marketing has the end user and individual consumers in its sights. By its very nature, consumer marketing is by far the more dominant and the key revenue earner for commercial television, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

Marketing activity that’s broad based and likely to be seen by a larger audience is called ‘above the line’. While activity that’s highly targeted to specific and narrow audience is called ‘below the line’. The success of a campaign depends on the ‘marketing mix’; the different methods employed to reach the target audience – i.e., television, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines or online.

When it comes to deciding on these elements, there is a choice of ‘traditional’ (i.e., tv and radio etc) as well as ‘digital’ (e.g., online banner adds and social media) media. In preparing a media schedule – the key measures are the ‘reach’ (the % of your target audience that are expected to experience the campaign) and the ‘frequency’ (how often).​

For an effective media strategy, all these factors must be considered, and the cost negotiated to get the most bang for buck. Sadly, if your media budget is less than $50K, getting help from an expert agency is next to impossible.

But it’s under these circumstances that idResults performs best. Having been on both sides of table (client and agency) equips us with the knowledge and understanding that’s needed to achieve the best media outcome. We know the creative process, and we know how to work with media outlets to get the best result. With our established relationships and strong negotiation skills, we consistently deliver campaigns with a value that far exceed the budget.

Watch sales were slowing and competition was heating up when the Australian distributor for Skagen Denmark approached idResults for help. With so many brands on the market and 60% of sales occurring at Christmas, magazine were loaded with watch advertising in October, November and December but had almost none for the rest of the year.

Using a ‘gift with purchase’ for Mother’s Day as the initial call to action, idResults capitalised on the opportunity to conduct a campaign free of competitive noise. Created for Skagen Denmark, Autumn Delights combined traditional with new digital marketing and Gourmet Traveller and House & Garden magazines provided unique access to the brands target audience. 'Let’s Get Visible’ became the new mantra for the sales force and additional investment made to produce high-quality attention-grabbing point of sale material. Skagen Denmark quickly became the visually dominant brand in market.

Adopted by 99% of retailers, Autumn Delights set a new sales record.