Autumn Delights Print Ad

In recent years, consumer marketing has become more complex and success depends as much on media strategy as it does on the campaign creative itself.


As well as 'above' and 'below' the line, consideration must now be given to 'traditional print' Vs 'digital and social media'. Achieving the best possible reach and frequency for your target audience within a budget takes expert knowledge, experience and strong negotiation skills. A mistake will cost you dearly.

But if your media budget is less than $50K, then you'll be hard pressed finding an experienced agency willing to prepare a media strategy. There's usually no choice but to deal directly with the media yourself and that can be time consuming and frustrating.

idResults is a strategy management consulting firm and our experience on both sides of the table (client and agency) equips us with the ability to meet the challenges of consumer marketing and avoid the pit falls. We provide business management consulting services that includes the creative execution as well as the media strategy. We are particularly strong when it comes to small budget campaigns. We have the established relationships and negotiation skills necessary to bring a campaign to life and secure considerable added value to the media schedule. Our achievements with Skagen Denmark and Bering are resounding proof of this. We know the creative process, and we know how to work with media outlets to get the very best result.

National watch sales were slowing and competition heating up, so the Australian distributor for Skagen Denmark approached idResults for help. October to December accounts for 60% of annual watch sales and it’s during these 3 months that most brand marketing occurs. The lack of activity during the rest of the year presented a unique opportunity to conduct a campaign free of competitive noise. Using a Gift with Purchase for Mother’s Day as the initial call to action, idResults set about creating the Autumn Delights campaign for Skagen Denmark.

Gourmet Traveller and House & Garden Magazines provided access to the brands target audience free of competitors. By adding digital marketing and a consumer competition to print advertising, the campaign frequency was significantly increased at minimum cost. Investing in strong point of sale material to support this campaign through an initiative idResults called ‘Let’s Get Visible’, allowed Skagen Denmark to dominate the visual landscape in stores, something that could never be achieved during Christmas.

The campaign included a full colour consumer brochure, posters, counter and showcase displays, show cards and co-op advertising. The Autumn Delights theme was carried through to the brand website and digital assets were made available for retailers to use on their own websites.

Adopted by 99% of the authorised retailers, this campaign set a new sales record.

Autumn Delights Consumer Competition Landing Page
Consumer Competition EDM sent by magazine publication
Autumn Delights campaign button
Autumn Delights Consumer Brochure

A few examples of the many elements that made up the Autumn Delights Campaign.

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