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In recent years, consumer marketing has become more complex and sophisticated. It not only requires consideration of above and below the line activity, but there’s now both traditional print and digital media to think about.

A successful campaign relies just as much on the creative as it does on the media strategy. Both require expert knowledge and experience, but if you’re spending less than $50K then it’s hard to get an agency to help and dealing directly with the media channels themselves can be time consuming and frustrating.

idResults understands this challenge and has proven extremely capable in developing and negotiating both with outstanding results as demonstrated with Skagen Denmark. idResults was engaged by the Australian distributor as sales growth had slowed and competition was increasing. To address the challenges, idResults developed a new brand strategy based on ‘affordable style’ and a campaign calendar that would focus on the national release of new designs every 6 to 8 weeks.

With 95% of watches being international brands and up to 60% of watches sold during Christmas, magazine advertising had emerged as the no. 1 primary vehicle for watch advertising. The result was a fight for space in the same titles in the last 3 months of the year.

Rather than try to compete with this, idResults integrated traditional print with digital marketing to create highly successful campaigns without compromising reach or frequency and saved money to invest in store merchandising and point of sale to support throughout the year in a tactic idResults called - 'let’s get visible'.

With colour brochures, posters, in-counter theme, show cards and co-op advertising initiatives, Skagen brought excitement and constant activity to the watch category. The brand drew the focus and attention of staff and was visually dominant in stores much to the detriment of other brands.

But it wasn’t the campaign calendar alone, it was also the method used to communicate the campaign to each retailer that was significant. This was done with something called ‘Campaign Activation’ - delivered to the watch specialist in every store ahead of each campaign it was a high-vis satchel contained everything they needed for success. This put the campaign details, product information, merchandising guidelines, POS material and the other necessary sales tools directly into the hands of those in the best position to make it happen. More than that, it kept store staff informed and engaged. ​​​

​Example - Autumn Delights

House & Garden and Gourmet Traveller Magazines provided and environment free of any competitors advertising. Full page ads supported by electronic direct mail to magazine subscribers plus an advertised promotion on both magazine websites drove consumer to the Skagen Denmark website. Changed to reflect the campaign creative, it allowed consumers to learn more about the brand, review the range and enter a consumer competition.

In-store POS and merchandising brought the campaign to life and a gift with purchase helped take sales from competitors. Timed to coincide with Mother’s Day, this campaign was adopted by 99.9% of retailers and set a new sales record.

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