Website Functionality

With idResults, your website can be much more than a source of information- it can be a powerful business tool that's working 24/7 to support your Practice and your future. Functionality can easily be added through pay-as-you-go App based technology which is scalable to suit the needs of your Practice.

Knowledge Centre

To better understand the diagnosis and available treatment options, Patients often require additional information. Providing this in a timely manner presents many challenges, particularly for a busy Practice. This could be detailed dietary advice, physiotherapy follow-up exercises or instruction on post-operative care. idResults can help you to overcome these challenges by adding a professional knowledge centre to your website. Available to the general public or password protected, important medical and lifestyle information is made accessible 24/7 to deliver better patient outcomes.

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Online Bookings

Your website can be engineered to allow Patients to book and change their own appointments based on staff rosters with time allowed between appointments as a contingency. Doing so will free reception staff to focus attention on more meaningful tasks. There's also the option to sent Patients an appointment reminded by text message, a proven method for reducing the risk of no-shows. Plus online payment of fees and charges can be added along with links to Medicare and health insurance companies. 

Improve Communication

With contact based on unpredictable factors like state of health, maintaining regular communicating with Patients is a challenge faced by all medical and allied healthcare professionals. It's even more difficult in regional and country jurisdictions. While Newsletters are an effective means, distributing them is another challenge all together. These difficulties can easily be overcome.

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