Impulse buy or a considered purchase, consumer buying behaviour is influenced by a range of factors that include advertising, product packaging, point of sale ticketing and display. But while advertising might drive consumers into stores and packaging can attract their attention, neither will guarantee a sale.​

But one factor has proven the most likely to generate sales - the opinion and recommendation of sales staff. In fact, consumers place more trust in the opinion of sales staff than they do in brand advertising or their own previous experience. ​Even more significant is that sales staff don’t just influence what consumers buy, they have the power to influence how much they spend as well.

So, you would think that empowering retail sales staff with product knowledge and sales education was a no-brainer. But why then is so little of it done? idResults posed this question to a number of business leaders and got these replies:

  • Product knowledge training is ‘invisible’ and with pressure on marketing expenses the priority is for ‘above the line’ activity.

  • Company directors what to see consumer advertising because it’s tangible and measurable against the competition.

  • The administrative burden associated with the co-ordinate and implementation of product knowledge training.

  • The skills required to design & develop a program along with support materials.

  • Lack of staff and resources to conduct face 2 face training.

  • High turnover of retail staff.

  • The difficulty to accommodate casual retail staff.

​The same challenges were preventing PINK KIMBERLY from delivering the type of training seen as critical for securing national distribution through jewellery stores. You see, fine diamonds are not an easy sell, particularly pink diamonds that sell for 5 times the price of traditional white.

With only 5 staff and all of them based in Sydney and unable to travel, the Company approached idResults in search of a solution.

Built using the MATRIX LMS framework, the idResults eLEARNING PLATFORM is a set and forget solution. Retailers now have 24/7 access to the professional training and education they need; giving them the confidence to invest in the brand.

It’s also given PINK KIMBERLEY a set and forget solution that requires little if any administrative effort so the team can concentrate on developing product and responding to orders.

Internet based and accessible from a PC, laptop, smartphone or device it’s allowed PINK KIMBERLEY to communicate and build a relationship with each individual in a store. It’s made learning about Pink Diamonds and how sell them - easy, fun and rewarding.

A working example of the idResults eLearning Platform

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The idResults eLearning Platform was built using the Matrix LMS

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