Executive Mentoring has proven highly successful for developing the skills and abilities of senior managers and helping them to achieve powerful and long-lasting behavioural change.


Without the necessary skill and experience, you’d never attempt to renovate a house without the help of an expert. Even if you were capable, you would still need the help of registered professionals like a plumber or electrician to complete the job successfully. If not, you'd risk the safety of everyone inside.

So, why would you think it possible to run a business and solve every challenge without ever seeking the advice or help of an expert. Yet, that's exactly what many business leaders do; refusing to ask for help in the belief that to do is a sign of failure. While it's acceptable and even expected that we should seek the advice and opinion of those we respect when it comes to our personal life, the same can't be said when it comes to business, even though the stakes are often higher.

As a result, business leaders find themselves increasingly isolated with little or no access to independent advice, alternative thinking or even a second opinion.

It does't have to be lonely at the top because the fact is - no individual has all the knowledge, skill and ability that's needed to address every single challenge faced by a business. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness or defeat, but rather a sign of emotional intelligence, effective reasoning and the ability to think and act objectively.

Business leaders today face far more complex issues than ever before. The pace of consumer led change, a more diverse workforce, the growing demands of stakeholders and aggressive and unpredictable tactics by competitors; are just a few of them. On top of are issues we all face like information overload and keeping up with technology.

Executive mentoring programs have proven to be a highly successful solution and another of the business management consulting services offered by idResults.

As well as individual development it helps build a performance driven culture within a company. It’s by no means remedial and should only be considered for those who possess the ability to shape the company’s future.

The first hurdle is recognising you need an Executive Mentor, while the second is finding a suitable match. For this, there are 2 considerations:

1. Experience & Track Record

An Executive Mentor doesn’t need to be from your own industry. In fact, many would argue that it's better if they’re not. But they must have at least 5 to 10 years’ experience as a senior executive with a high level of business acumen and a proven track record of success.

2. People Development

An Executive Mentor must have demonstrated that they can lead and develop people. They require an understanding of human behaviour and the ability to cut through noise and excuses. Most importantly they must be someone you respect, trust and who you can communicate with openly and honestly.

You see, the role of an Executive Mentor is to provide guidance, encouragement and support. They should inspire you, challenge the status quo and provide the necessary insight to influence your behaviour. By sharing their knowledge and wisdom, you gain greater insight and that leads to better decision making.

The typical outcomes to be expected from executive mentoring program are:

  • Increased confidence

  • More clearly defined goals & a structured plan to achieve them

  • 24/7 access to expert knowledge & experience

  • Reduced levels of stress

  • Exposure to new ideas, insights and alternative ways of thinking

  • Guidance to improve team leadership and people management skills


Unlike other firms, idResults does not charge a research and placement fee for executive mentoring assignments. The costs is based on $350 (+GST) per hour/session with a minimum executive mentoring program includes 10 sessions. 

Min. Package 10 Sessions for $2800 + GST

Of the 10 sessions, the first two are provided free so clients can evaluate the effectiveness before making a financial commitment. This represents a 20% saving.

  • 2 sessions free.

  • 8 sessions x $350 + GST = $2800 + GST.

  • 50% of the fee is payable after the 2nd Session.

  • The remaining 50% is payable at the midpoint of the Program.

  • Session time is a minimum of 1hr, and changes are at the discretion of the Mentor.

  • Travel time (where it exceeds 20 minutes) along with tolls and parking are additional to the Fee and invoiced separately.

An idResults Executive Mentoring Program is tailored to your individual needs and includes 
2 Free Sessions

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