Innovative thinking is one of the best measures to use when choosing a strategic management consulting firm. It's not all about trail blazing ideas but rather that they understand your circumstances and respond with initiatives that demonstrate the ability to think outside the square. Having spent many years on the client side of the table, there is nothing more frustrating than a proposition that isn't do-able or affordable.

idResults respects the expert knowledge clients have about their business and industry and we recognise its value. Our role is draw on this as well as our own experience and expertise to find affordable solutions that meet their challenges and capitalise on their opportunities. They must be within the clients capabilities to execute and support the achievement of their short-term goals as well as their long-term strategy. The best initiatives are not necessarily the most costly, but they must be through-through and well planned.

Here are a few example case studies of successful idResults initiatives. Theses provide a good indication of our ability to think outside the square and add real value to your business. 

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