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Consumer buying behaviour is influenced by many factors. Advertising, product packaging, point of sale ticketing and display top the list. But while advertising drives consumers into stores and packaging attracts their attention, neither will guarantee a sale. ​

There is one factor that has proven to dramatically increase the likelihood of a successful sale and it’s sales staff. In fact, consumers place more trust in the opinion of sales staff than they do in advertising or their own previous brand experience. 

But stores these days and open 7 days and full-time staff have been replaced by casual labour. Coming and going at all times of the day, there’s little continuity and staff turnover is high.

So, while empowering retail sales staff with product knowledge and sales education might seem like a 'no-brainer', it's next to impossible to achieve. As well the cost it’s also time consuming and compared to above the line advertising, it’s invisible. It’s no wonder so it little of it is being done.

PINK KIMBERLY features Australian Pink Argyle Diamonds (that sell for up to 5 times the price of white diamonds), which until now were mostly sold by the high-end jewellery stores. To have any hope getting independent jewellers across Australia to invest in their brand, PINK KIMBERLEY needed to provide retailers with professional sales and product knowledge training. 

But with only 4 administrative staff fully occupied based Sydney and one sales executive constantly on the road, it seemed impossible. So, the Company approached idResults as well as other strategic management consulting firms in search of a set and forget solution.

Developed in cooperation with the MATRIX LMS (Learning Management System), the idResults eLEARNING PLATFORM surpassed the brief. 24/7 access to the professional training and education their staff need gave retailers the confidence to invest in the brand and grant it prime window space. With little if any administrative effort required, the PINK KIMBERLEY team were free to concentrate on designing, manufacturing and processing orders.

Available worldwide through the internet and accessible using a PC, laptop, smartphone or device, professional training and education is delivered through a series of modules and each one takes no more than 20min to complete. Participants receive high quality Fact Sheets to minimise the need to write notes and a short Quiz is used to assess retained knowledge and act as a gateway to the next module as they progress through the Course. Successful completion is then rewarded with a Graduation Certificate and lapel pin.

The idResults eLEARNING PLATFORM has given PINK KIMBERLEY the ability to communicate and build a relationship with each member of staff in a store. They've made learning how to sell Pink Diamonds - easy, fun and rewarding.

Pink Kimberley eLearning Academy
Pink Kimberley eLearning Academy
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