Memorial Websites

The death of someone close is one of life's greatest challenges and it's only with experience that you realise how important funerals are for those left behind.

Funerals have more than a ceremonial purpose, they also provide the opportunity to share your personal story of connection and your grief with others. Attending the funeral of someone you care for has proven to be an important part of the grieving process. But sadly, it can be difficult if not impossible for everyone to attend and those who can't are likely to affected by the loss for much longer. 

Then when the funeral is over, life returns to normal and as time passes, the printed copies of the service are lost, the slide show and eulogies are forgotten. Before long, a chapter of life is just a fading memory and then there is nothing left.

An idResults Memorial Website is an active tribute to those you've lost and serves 2 purposes:


  1. It allows the friends and relatives who were unable to attend the funeral to feel connected and to experience aspects of the service they would otherwise have missed.

  2. It keeps and protects precious memories that can be accessed at anytime by those in need of comfort or time for reflection is the weeks and months that follow.


While they share the same purpose - a celebration of life, each of those lives is different and therefore the design of each memorial site must be unique. Considerable effort is made to ensure it captures the spirit and serves as an appropriate tribute to someone with dreams and aspiration and worthy of being remembered.

To make it easy, there are 3 packages available - Standard, Deluxe and Premium. The Deluxe and Premium packages offer automated communication to reduce the time and effort required to notify people,  receive and track RSVP responses, send thank you notes and perhaps share follow-up stories.

Simply complete and submit the ‘Please Contact Me’ Form and nominate the package that best suits your budget and your needs.