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The death of someone close and that you care for can be devastating and it can affect you for years. While it won’t bring them back, an idResults Memorial Website will bring comfort and stand as a fitting tribute for the world to see. It can be of particular benefit to those unable to attend the funeral service. That's because funerals are more than just a ceremony. They provide the opportunity to share your personal story and your grief with others. Attending them helps us come to terms with our sense of loss. But sadly, not everyone can attend and those that can't are often affected for much longer and suffer unwarranted feelings of guilt. 

For those who do attend, life quickly returns to normal. Then, as time passes, the precious memories of that day along with the physical keep-sakes like photographs are lost and then finally forgotten.

An  idResults Memorial Website allows you to retain and protect these precious memories so they can be shared with those who couldn't attend the funeral and provide comfort to friends and family who struggle with their grief.

Each Memorial Website is individually designed to capture and reflect the spirit and unique nature of its subject. Tasteful, professional and respectful it's a source of reflection, contemplation and fond memories. Simply choose from 3 set packages; each with added features and benefits - Standard, Deluxe or Premium.

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Designed to capture the individual spirit and unique nature, it includes a brief life story, picture gallery, copy of the funeral service and a follow-up message to thank people for their help and support.




To the Standard Package we add a specially produce a Tribute Video and the ability to allow others to upload and add their images and stories to the site.




In addition to the Deluxe Package we add email functionality to automatically notify mourners of the funeral details and receive and monitor RSVP's, saving you from this time consuming task and the added stress.



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