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The internet has become the No.1 source of information for consumers all over the world. Maximising your presence on the internet requires a URL (a website address) and consumer brands have been quick to respond with websites that allow them to market and promote their products as well as engage their customers.

The healthcare sector has taken a more cautious approach and while cosmetic surgeons and physiotherapist were early adopters other allied healthcare professionals like Psychologists, Psychiatrist and GP’s have been slow. Unaware of developments in website functionality, it is easy to understand why many practitioners consider a website to be an expensive replacement of their White/Yellow Pages listing and give it little attention. But the times are changing, and the pace of change has accelerated with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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The Power of the Internet

Even before the Covid-19 Pandemic, the internet was already the go-to source for information. Since Covid-19, internet use is up by over 30% and with the move to video conferencing it is well on the way to becoming the primary communications platform as well.

Healthy Competition  

In every industry – as the number of players increases, so does competition and some begin to specialise. The healthcare sector is not immune to this phenomenon and more Practices are adopting brand marketing strategies to grow and retain their clients and patients. It stands to reason that a website is a powerful way to achieve this as it provides the means to differentiate and allows you to communicate directly with existing and potential new clients; reducing the reliance on referrals for growth.

A Looming Mental Health Crisis

Being isolated from friends and family due to social distancing, the anxiety from fear of contracting the Virus and the financial stress of losing your job are each in themselves likely to effect mental health. The combination of all three has some experts predicting a looming mental health crisis. Even if it does not come to that, there is no doubt the demand for counselling and therapy is set to rise.

Website Functionality

What websites look like, what they can do and how people interact with them has changed enormously in the past 5 years. In fact, if your website is 2 or more years old, chances are it has already passed its use by date. Websites are now a capable business tool you can use to reduce your administrative burden and improve efficiency as well as to engage with and provide additional support to your clients or patients.

A Solution

Instead of hiring designers to produce a totally bespoke web design, idResults now uses free website templates from The comparable cost saving is up to 40%, the process is quicker, and the quality of the result speaks for itself.

The free template provides the basic framework and idResults uses strategic marketing expertise, brand management experience, industry knowledge and consumer insight to transform this into a high-quality website that is unique to your Practice.

Complicated medical content will be translated into everyday language that makes sense to the man/woman on the street and images will be used to complement or replace written information. With video production capability, idResults can also provide branded videos using your own images and footage or can source generic material.

To ensure your website is aligned to your long-term strategy, idResults provides Clients with a diagnostic to help gather the information needed. Drawn from the larger diagnostic tool used for strategic planning projects, it is included at no additional cost.

For as little as $2000 +GST, you can have a new contemporary designed website with efficiency saving functionality as well as a SEO plan. idResults can also create a Facebook Page and ensure online Directories are enabled and reflect the same branding as your website.

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