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It was an initiative that would require ongoing commitment and investment, but it's something very few in the industry had done or done well and it would further differentiate Panel One from its competitors. As well as that, it serves to strengthen the brands reputation and provide added proof that Panel One delivers on its promises; in this case to act in the best interest of clients. 

Although pre-written industry content is available and the easier option, it comes with the high risk of it appearing on competitor websites; undermining the credibility and integrity of the Panel One brand. So, idResults has been engaged to provide exclusive content on subjects considered relevant to client needs.

Panel One takes pride in being an industry leader; a position that requires it to be innovative and forward thinking. The purpose of the Blog is to draw on the expert knowledge and experience gained in the Company’s 30+ years' of operation and use that knowledge to help clients maximise their return on investment. 

Although BMW manufacture a wide range of vehicles to suit different lifestyles and each has its own entry level model, it remains a luxury brand and membership to this club comes at a price. While owners of BMW's expect their vehicle to depreciate over time, the amount lost has a direct effect on their confidence in the brand. If consumers perceive the loss in value is too great, then both new and used BMW vehicle sales will be affected. Panel One's primary purpose it to help client retain the value of their vehicle and the Blog provides valuable information that supports that goal.

It's also an opportunity to build stronger client relationships and loyalty to the brand and provides the means to engage clients outside those times when their car is being repaired.

As a strategic management consulting firm, idResults has encouraged Panel One to adopt a range of initiatives that encourage greater client engagement. For most consumers, a car accident is not an everyday event so smash repairers are not top of mind. In addition to this, the major insurance companies continue to make policy changes in an attempt to control the car repair industry so they can reduce costs and increase their profits. By fostering and maintaining a positive relationship with clients, Panel One can remain connected with them and influence the decisions they make about future repairs. It also provides clients with the necessary motivation that hopefully compels them to stand their ground against their insurer and demand Panel One does the job.

The Panel One Blog Pages

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Email marketing to launch th Panel One Blog

Launching the Panel One Blog in December 2019 was an opportunity to engage a growing number of their website subscribers.

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