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1 Website with 2 Views

It is not unusual for our clients to question why their test website must be viewed using a Desktop PC/Notebook and not a smart device. Understanding the history of the internet, provides the answer.

The internet first began on January 1, 1983. Although computers were already in use and could be networked, there was no way for computers within one network to communicate with computers in another. It was only when a new communications protocol was established called Transfer Control Protocol/Internetwork Protocol (TCP/IP) that this became possible. This marked the beginning of the internet.

But back in 1983, there were only desktop computers, and smartphones were pure science fiction. No one could have ever predicted the internet would become the No. 1 source of information across the globe and that it would be accessible using a hand-held device.

The internet was established for desktop computers, so from the very beginning, websites were designed to be viewed with a PC.

Then on June 29, 2007, Apple released its first iPhone. While it was not the first smartphone, it went far beyond the competition and so began the mobile revolution. As a result, smartphones took the world by storm and within 10 years (from 2017), mobile devices (excluding tablets) have consistently represented around 50% of global internet traffic. However, in the last quarter of 2021 this jumped to 54.4%.

There are many reasons why a website is initially designed using a PC. The fact that it’s easier, is just one of them. But just because your website looks good and is easy to navigate on a PC does not mean it will be the same for a smartphone.

This lesson was learned the hard way. It quickly became apparent that for a website to be equally effective, the design must be modified, the images adjusted to fit a smaller screen and the content changed to best suit mobile users. Fail to take the differences into consideration and you risk frustrating up to 50% of your target audience.

So, after the PC view of a website is finalised and approved, we make the necessary adjustments and modifications to best suit consumers using smartphone or smart device.

While clients pay for one website, they get 2 views.

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