• Graham Henrickson

5 Principles of Web Strategy & Design

While some companies consider a website to be necessary but not overly important, others see it as an extension to their business and a vital tool for generating revenue and engaging stakeholders.

Regardless of the point of view, your business is going to become more dependent on your website. If not for bookings, appointment or sales of products it’s going to be the primary source of information consumers will go to before purchase from you or hiring your services.

So, before building a website you need to determine what you want it to achieve and this requires a comparative level of business analysis. The good news is that idResults has included this in our process for web strategy and design. It’s one of 5 key principles that governs our approach and are included in your project costs (unless otherwise agreed).


idResults understands ROI and why this is particularly import to smaller businesses and start-ups. Maximising the return can be achieved by reducing the amount of investment and/or increasing the benefits it delivers.

  • Adopting free templates has reduced comparative web development costs for Clients by up to 40%.

  • Exploring the following outcomes provides the real possibility to deliver a greater return: - a) Enhance the consumer experience, b) Generate revenue, and/or c) Improve operational efficiency.

Online bookings, appointments and ordering are amongst a wide range of App. based features that add functionality to your website. A basic version is typically free while the all singing, and all dancing version comes with a fee. There’s good news again in that the fees are pay as you go basis.

For a reduced cost and improved ROI, Clients can now afford a website equal to those from the big-end-if-town and it can be updated or renewed as frequently.


More than 90% of consumer internet experiences begin with a search engine. Research shows they rarely consider anything beyond the first page of results, and they judge and evaluate these candidates ruthlessly and at lightning speed. In fact, you probably have no more than 30 seconds to make the right impression.

To address this harsh reality, idResults will ensure your website stands out from the crowd and will use high quality images, videos, graphics and animations to capture the attention and interest of your target market.


SEO involves meta tags, key words, headings, descriptive text and hyperlinks. Each one is used by search engines and can affect where your website will appear in search results. While some argue this exercise should be done first and others put it last, while idResults recommends a continuous process – with certain elements completed at the beginning, some during and others at the end of the site build followed by a review every 6 to 12 months.

idResults using the SEO WIZ developed by WIX to prepare and implement an SEO plan for your site so your website is SEO ready the moment it goes live and its included in the cost of your project.


So, idResults has taken the much larger, comprehensive and highly successful strategic

diagnostic tool it created and adapted it for this purpose. It takes the form of a questionnaire that’s designed to draw out the information needed, and is included in the project cost.

The complete comprehensive business/brand strategic diagnostic tool along with a hosted workshop to learn how to use it available for $2000.


A mock-up of the proposed site is prepared for Clients in advance to allow them a clear understanding and appreciation of the site concept – includes example images/sample videos (to set the scene) and linked pages, proposed content and key features.

This ensures there are no surprises and Clients are not left to rely on their imagination about the intended creative design and proposed functionality. It serves to keep Clients informed and involved. It also encourages a collaborative effort and helps to avoid last-minute or ‘as you go’ changes that can be time consuming, frustrating and costly.

To see the end result visit www.panelone.com.au.