Do Your Touch-Points Reinforce Your Brand Identity

Updated: Jun 2

Do you know what a touch-points is?

Do you know the touch-points for your business?

Well, if you can't answer yes to both questions then this article is for you.

A touch-point is a point of connection between your business and consumers and each one communicates something about your Company. If every touch-point delivers the same consistent positive impression, then the combined and cumulative effect can have a powerful and long lasting effect on the recognition and awareness of your brand.

Some touch-points are easy to recognise like - a website, Facebook page, letter head or advertising. Others on the other hand are less obvious - like the layout and font used for Company documents, the signature panel on emails and the after-hours message on the telephone answering machine. Just because they're less obvious doesn’t make them less important, and that's because as was written earlier - each one communicates something about your business/brand.

2 proven marketing principles confirm this argument :

1. A consistent brand message

If you consistently show the same image, consumers are more likely to recognise it.

2. The frequency of the brand message

The more often it's seen increases the likelihood that consumers will recall it.

If you increase brand recognition and recall you can dramatically improve your sales efficiency along with the strength and $ value of your brand.


A business can have anywhere from 10 to 100+ touch-points. The first step is to find them. This will require the concerted effort of a brand audit; to identify them all and obtain a sample of each one. That’s the easy part.


The real challenge is how to engineer every one of your touch-points to deliver as best as possible the same consistent and positive impression; one that engages the audience and is likely to be remembered. This takes insight, skill and lateral thinking.


The focus so far has been on visual images and the human sense of sight. But, what if you extend the brand experience beyond what consumers can see and start using the other senses - hearing, taste, smell and touch. Well you might be surprised to learn this phenomenon has already started. Companies of all sizes across a range of different industries have realised that by extending the brand experience to involve other senses it allows them to differentiate and build stronger connections with their customers. Car manufacturers are engineering the ‘thump’ sound of closing doors, boutique hotels are developing their own line of home furnishings and therapists are introducing their own beauty products.

When it comes to sales and marketing consulting firms, idResults is an expert in this field with considerable experience within Australia and overseas.

Additional Observations:

  • Branding is one of the few areas where small businesses have a clear advantage over their bigger rivals. That's because they can make decisions and act quickly.

  • The best outcomes are realised when you have internal brand champions.

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