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Updated: May 18

To understand 'BRAND SIGNATURE', you must first understand the concept of 'touch points'.Touch Points Touch points are the points of contact or connection between a business and its customers. While some are easy to identify like a website, shopping bags and a Facebook Page, others are less so. Being less noticeable doesn’t make them less important, that’s because each one communicates something about a business/brand.​ Lights, Camera .... Action Just like the saying above, Brand Signature is achieved through the combination of different elements. A logo is how most people identify and remember brands and it's usually the first thing that comes to mind when asked if we can recall a brand. But the strongest brands are those that use attributes other than just a logo to distinguish themselves and be remembered. While some of these attributes are plain to see like corporate images and colours, others such as the type of font or advertising layout are more subtle. 'Brand Signature' is achieved by defining each of these elements so they can be applied effectively across every example of company communication. ​Applying brand signature to every touch point draws on a basic marketing principle and a key aspect of human nature – the more we are exposed or experience something, the more likely we are to recognise and remember it. ​ In most cases, our brand experiences are based on something we see. This explains why logo's are usually the first thing that come to mind. But recent studies have found that if the brand experience involves more than one sense, then the results are dramatically increased. So adding sound, smell or texture can have a more powerful and longer lasting effect than a logo alone. ​ This way of thinking has already been adopted by some of the world’s most famous brands (i.e. Coke, Intel, Singapore Airlines) and it's easy to implement with your own. To do so, you first need to conduct a brand audit to identify all your touch points. This is easy enough as it involves collecting evidence of what customers experience at every touch point i.e. voice messages, tax invoices etc. However, defining the elements of your Brand Signature and then engineering each touch point to leave the same, consistent and positive brand impression is another thing altogether. This is were experience and expertise is needed. ​ As well as in Australia, idResults has experience on an international scale and has proven expert capability in this field.

idResults are experts in web marketing for medical practice and websites for allied health professionals.



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