• Graham Henrickson

Does Your Salon Offer Fries with That? (part 1)

It's widely used in training retail sales staff the importance of ‘add-on-sales’ and credited to McDonald’s. The question ‘Would you like fries with that? is a highly successful sale technique used all over the world.

It resonates strongly with hair and beauty salons. Only instead of fries, it might be a conditioner or a cosmeceutical treatment cream. That's because retail products like these are the add-on-sale with a facial treatment or a style/cut and they facilitate maintenance or continued improvement of skin/hair condition between visits.  

According to research published by Mordor Intelligence Pty Ltd in November 2016 - The Australian cosmetics market was worth $ 4.98 billion in 2015 and is projected to grow to $ 7.76 billion by the end of 2020. This includes a lot of products that promote the maintenance or improvement of hair/skin condition. If they’re not buying products from your salon, there’s a good chance your clients are shopping elsewhere – perhaps a supermarket, pharmacy or on-line.

So, there can be no doubt that if well-chosen and well-managed, retail can make a significant contribution to the financial position of a salon.

Below are 4 Good Reasons Why:

  1. They provide the opportunity to generate incremental sales and profit for the business. Selling products is one of only a few ways to increase the $ return per/client or $ return per/hour.

  2. Selling retail products allows a salon to extend the experience to the clients’ home.

  3. They provide an additional reason for clients to visit/return.

  4. The merchandising and display of retail products can be used to make a powerful visual impression that enhances the appeal of the salon along with its image and makes it more visible.

What is the Operating Context?

A salon is unlike any other business. It's built on a unique professional relationship between practitioner/technical expert and a client that involves treatment technology, advanced products and physical contact.

Trust plays a critical role and most clients apply equal importance to this as they do to knowledge and technique.

Most salon owners are experts in their trade and not necessarily experts in business or retailing.

When it comes to retail products, what Salon owners want is logical and predictable – They want to achieve strong retail sales with the least possible investment in stock and the minimum amount of effort.

Surely this is exactly what you would expect they need and what should be provided? So, why haven't more salons and their suppliers caught on yet...?

..... Continues with part 2