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Upgrading or building a website is a daunting task, particularly if it is not something you do every day and your busy trying to manage your own Practice. It takes time and money and often with no more return than you might expect from a White or Yellow Pages listing.

Well a great deal has happened in the web development space and with the current Covid-19 Pandemic, now is a good time to re-think your approach.

A Looming Mental Health Crisis

Being isolated from friends and family due to social distancing, the anxiety from fear of contracting the Virus and the financial stress of losing your job are each in themselves likely to effect mental health. The combination of all three has some experts predicting a looming mental health crisis. Even if it does not come to that, there is no doubt the demand for counselling and therapy is set to rise.

The Power of the Internet

Even before the Covid-19 Pandemic, the internet was already the go-to source for information. Since Covid-19, internet use is up by over 30% and with the move to video conferencing it is well on the way to becoming the primary communications platform as well. This makes your website more important than ever.

More than a Phone and Address Listing

What websites look like, what they can do and how people interact with them has changed enormously in the past 5 years. In fact, if your website is 2 or more years old, chances are it has already passed its use by date. They are no longer just an extension of brand marketing but a capable business tool you can use to reduce your administrative burden and improve efficiency as well as to engage with and provide additional support to your Clients or Patients.

If this strikes a chord with you, then idResults can help.

idResults has identified the key elements and issues to consider when building an allied healthcare website and prepared these along with examples in the document above. It's available free from the idResults website.


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