When it comes to running a business, the owners of hair and beauty salons have it harder than most. That’s because their salon is at risk before they even start.

Working on projects for 2 separate salon clients prompted a broader study of Sydney hair and beauty salons. From this research, idResults identified a common set of factors that are critical to every salon’s success. They include defined goals, CRM (client relations management), training and development, visibility and retail sales.

However, few salon owners know they exist, let alone have the knowledge and skills needed to address them. Having put everything on the line to start their own salon business, most are consumed by the day-to-day; spending every spare moment ‘doing business’ with little or no time left to think about ‘how they do business’.

Drawing on 30+ years’ experience in strategic planning and with help from industry experts, idResults designed a unique business tool to be used in an easy to follow 3 step process.

The idResults SALON DIAGNOSTIC helps salon owners to mitigate the risks to their business by giving them with the means to evaluate their business and providing them with a step-by-step plan to meets its individual needs. It uses everyday language, won’t increase the administrative burden and delivers immediate results.

The idResults SALON DIAGNOSTIC is suitable to a salon of any size and can then be integrated into the strategic planning and risk management practices of that business.