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Despite economic challenges and changing market conditions the overall Australian motor vehicle repair business has increased over the last 5 years. But while some parts of the industry are growing, others are contracting. Contributing to this are several key factors:

  • The number of vehicles on the road continues to grow.

  • European prestige vehicles have increased market share as real household disposable income has grown.

  • Improved vehicle safety and collision avoidance technology, together with higher petrol prices and road safety initiatives such as speed cameras and drink driving campaigns have aimed at reducing accidents.

  • The number of people who take their vehicles to local auto repair shops has shown a steady decrease; a trend that is unlikely to change.

  • Car owners have shown a growing preference to have all maintenance and repair services done through dealerships. Some believe its due to the growing number of cars purchased with lease finance from dealerships. But I suspect there’s a much simpler reason - convenience and trust. They fear local auto repair shops lack the knowledge, expertise and technology needed to repair todays advanced vehicles.

  • New vehicle construction methods and safety systems require repair shops to invest in new equipment and staff training. Those that do, can take advantage of economies of scale to increase volume and productivity.

  • Removing the right to choose your own repairer has given insurance companies greater control over the industry and repair shops that enter volume agreements are rewarded with a continuous flow of new clients.


The Australian motor vehicle repair industry remains highly competitive and the number of repair shops has been reducing by around 10% each year. This indicates over supply and further consolidation can be expected. To survive, the owners of local repair shops have 5 options:

  1. Invest in equipment and training

  2. Diversify into other motor repair areas

  3. Identify a niche market and specialise

  4. Partner with insurance companies for volume arrangements

  5. Downsize


If you’re the owner of a local repair shop and looking to establish yourself as a specialist repairer, then idResults has the expert knowledge and experience you need to do it.

For the last 10 years, we’ve played an instrumental part in the development and growth and an industry leader - Panel One. Despite being accredited by the BMW Group, they had no online presence and had been removed from the list of preferred repairers by leading insurance companies. With the business was under threat, idResults was engaged to develop a strategy to meet these challenges and secure the Company’s future.

Changing the Company logo would have been costly and unnecessary. Instead idResults improved the design and brought it to life with colours deliberately chosen for their association with BMW. This became part of a striking new brand signature’ that was applied consistently across all forms of Company communication.

The first of 3 websites was launched: each one setting a new industry standard in design, functionality, and service. On-line Forms improved efficiency, reduced human errors and escalation alerts delivered a more professional and hassle-free experience for clients. The Panel One Facebook page was designed accordingly, and Facebook marketing helped drive visitors to the website.

An exclusive free airport service and a unique end of lease report were among the successful initiatives and the introduction of a new CRM, client eNewletter and blog has allowed the Company to engage clients and keep Panel One top of mind.


​To make a greater impression and attract more clients to your motor vehicle repair business, contact idResults.

Examples of the material produced for Panel One

Copy of Panel One eNewsletter
The Panel One End-of-Lease Report

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