As a business management consulting firm, idResults had worked with business leaders from a number of different companies. One thing we've found is that many don't know the difference between a Business Plan and a Strategic Plan. So, Graham Henrickson decided to do something about it.

Business Vs Strategic Plans. What's the difference and why is a Strategic Plan so important?

Commonly used by start-ups, Business Plans have a short-term focus and are typically associated with applications for finance. While on the other hand, a Strategic Plan offers a long-term view of a business (2 to 5 years) and deals with several areas such as customer demographics, marketing and product ranging etc. As well as the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how', a strategic plan is proof that the business is a going concern. 

Experience would suggest that few businesses have a strategic plan and even if they do, it's unlikely to be properly documented. So, Graham Henrickson set about finding a solution. Drawing on 30+ years’ experience he created a simple to use strategic planning tool and an easy to follow process. Then to ensure its success, he developed a workshop to teach people how to use it.

Small, medium or large; an idResults Strategic Planning Workshop can be tailored to suit a business of any size, even if it's an owner operator. Best of all, it will deliver immediate benefits and continue to do so for years to come.

An Exclusive Strategic Diagnostic

Key to its success is the diagnostic questionnaire. Created by Graham Henrickson, it's an exclusive tool that gathers the vital information needed to determine the trading context and set clearly defined objectives for a business. Once these are agreed, a detailed plan is prepared to achieve them.

Professional documented, it provides a blue-print of the business and with tasks assigned and deadlines set, it gives the owner a road map to success.

Just having a well-documented strategic plan can increase the value of a business by up to 5 times the EBIT.

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