Simply having one can increase the value of your business by up to 5 x EBIT.


While most business people are familiar with a Business Plan and quite capable of preparing one, the same can’t be said when it comes to a Strategic Plan. Of greater concern is the fact many confuse one with the other.

So, what is the difference and why is a Strategic Plan so important?

Well for starters, business plans have a short-term focus. Common with start-ups, they're typically associated with an application for business finance. While on the other hand, a strategic plan offers a longer view of a business (2 to 5 years) and deals with several areas such as customer demographics, marketing and product ranging etc. It addresses the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’. But more importantly, a strategic plan is proof that a business is a going concern. 

After discovering very few businesses had a strategic plan and if they did it was unlikely to be properly documented, Gaham Henrickson set about developing a solution. Drawing on 30+ years’ experience he created an easy to use strategic planning tool and an easy to follow process. Then to ensure it delivered successful outcomes, he prepared a workshop to teach clients how to use it.

You might be an owner operator, a senior manager or the owner of a large business. An idResults Strategic Planning Workshop will have an immediate effect and continue to deliver benefits to your business for years to come.

Key to its success is a unique and exclusive diagnostic questionnaire that's used to gather vital information about a business. The findings are analysed and the unique trading context and circumstances of a business are identified. This allows for clearly defined company objectives to be set, along with a detailed plan to achieve them.

The results are presented in a professional document that provides a blue-print of the business. Once each task is assigned with an agreed deadline, it acts like a road map to success.