No individual could possibly have all the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to solve every business challenge. Yet, this is what many business managers think is expected of them. They've come to believe asking for help is a sign of failure and often don't put their hand up until it's too late.


Making this worse is that business managers today face far more complex issues than ever before - the rapid pace of consumer led change, a more diverse workforce, the growing demands of stakeholders and unpredictable competitors; are just a few. On top of these are the everyday struggles we all face, like information overload and keeping up with the pace of technology.

As a consequence, many have become isolated, without access to independent advice, alternative thinking or even a second opinion.

The stakes are high and meeting today's challenges takes self-awareness, honesty about your own shortcomings and the where-with-all to get expert help when its needed. For those at the big-end-of-town, getting expert help is easy. But for those running small to medium size businesses, it's a very different story.

So, when Graham Henrickson left the corporate world in 2008, it was to launch idResults; a sales and marketing consulting firm that would level the playing field for small businesses by making big-end-of-town expertise affordable for a business of any size. 

​​If your business has reached a crossroad, faces the threat of increased competition or you're simply looking for ideas to improve and grow, then perhaps it’s time to get some expert advice from a business management consulting firm. If so, then call or email ​idResults to arrange a confidential discussion. 


Don't wait until it's too late.

After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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