Having a clear distribution policy along with well prepared trade marketing tools will inspire confidence in your brand and increase the efficiency of your sales force.

The starting point is a clearly defined distribution policy and the consistent application of strict account criteria. Without this you could find yourself having to close accounts that were recently opened. This can prove more challenging and require more effort that it took to open them in the first place.

The next is - ‘selling the dream’. The best solution is to provide your sales force with tools to help them generate sales with the least amount of effort. This requires a good understanding of the distribution channel – the trading context, challenges and what drives the retailers decision making. 

The launch of the Bering brand is a good example. It was introduced by BYMR to replace Skagen Denmark (80% of Company revenue) after the distribution rights were lost to a competitor. Not only was this new brand unknown, they were now competing against the market leader they had enthroned.

Distribution through independent jewellers was critical for the brand to have any chance of success but that required sales calls to individual jewellery stores all over the country. However, the loss of Skagen left the Company unable to afford a dedicated sales team. Instead they had to rely on commission agents – traveling sales men & women who sold products for a number of different companies and brands.

So, idResults set about developing a trade marketing strategy to address the challenges presented by this change in circumstances.

The Brand Prospectus introduced ahead of the launch was an industry first. It's an example of the innovative solutions idResults is so well known for. It proved to be a real game changer; dramatically reducing the time and effort to convert with 100 opening orders generated in just 5 days.

​The Bering Retail Sales Guide was another idResults initiative - delivered ahead of the opening order, it provided retail sales consultants with everything needed to make a sale. This included step-by-step guides for setting up the display, the how-to for gift box packaging as well as proven sales techniques along with instructions on how to fast-track a repair.

Since its launch, idResults has continued to produce trade marketing material for Bering that grabs the attention of store owners and secures their commitment to order stock well ahead of the agent’s visit to the store.​

The Bering Brand Prospectus
The BERING Brand Prospectus
The BERING Brand Prospectus
The BERING Brand Prospectus
The BERING Brand Prospectus
Example of BERING Trade Advertisingrt

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