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Create a memorial that reflects the character and personality of those you've lost and allows you to keep their precious memories safe and accessible.  


Even if expected, the death of someone you love can be overwhelming. No matter how prepared you are, the grief can last for weeks, months and even years. Regardless of the religion, funerals play an important part in the grieving process.

For those unable to attend the funeral, the grief is worse. Being deprived of the opportunity to pay your respects, to say goodbye and to share your sorrow with others; magnifies the sense of loss and can cause unwarranted feelings of guilt. Sadly,, not everyone can attend a funeral service because of other commitments or perhaps travel cost not to mention Covid-19 restrictions and boarder closures. Unless someone makes a conscious effort to collect and send copies of the service, eulogies, and photos they will be left out and they will feel left out.

Then as time marches on, the specially printed copies of the funeral service are lost, the words spoken during the eulogies are forgotten, the stories told at the wake are no longer heard and the memories slowly fade until there’s nothing left. Some resort to Facebook, but there’s an emotional cost and it’s not necessarily suited for a memorial.

Designed to reflect the unique character and personality of those you love, an idResults TRIBUTE WEBSITE is an affordable and professional remedy.

Available 24/7, it can be free to the public or restricted to approved visitors only. You can even choose to allow others to upload their own images and share their stories. How long it’s available is also up to you – 6 months, a year or more.

  1. Save the time spent on phone calls, text messages and checking RSVP's

  2. Allow those unable to attending the funeral to feel involved 

  3. Provide 24/7 access to precious memories for comfort & reflection


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The fee for a standard site is just $320 + GST*

For more information or to arrange a quote please call idResults on 0419 491 485

or email

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* The costs associated with Hosting and for a shortened URL are additional.

* Additional functionality is available to reduce the burden on your family. This includes Automated Email Invitations, RSVP's and Thank You Notes.

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