Are you:
1. A start-up or an established business?
2. Selling on-line or through 'bricks and mortar' stores?
3. A local, national or international brand?
4. A single entity or operate through multiple locations?
5. Involved in consumer goods or services?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then idResults can help bring your brand, your business and your team to life.

You may have reached a cross roads, plan to launch a new product line or face the threat of new competition; every business has its own unique set of challenges. While some are simple and easy to overcome, others are complex and more difficult to address. If you're from the big-end-of-town, getting help isn’t a problem, but if your business is small to medium in size (an SME) it’s a different story – with limited resources it's next to impossible to get help if needed let alone help you can afford.

While Regional Managing Director for Citizen and Chairman of the Board for the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA), Graham Henrickson became acutely aware of this disparity. So, when he left the corporate world in 2008, it was to establish a consulting firm. His goal - to even the playing field by giving SME's access to independent advice and big-business expertise that was affordable regardless of their size.

Drawing on Graham's unique skill-set, local knowledge, strategic insight and international experience; idResults punches well above its weight to deliver outcomes that far exceed large firms and it does so across a number of fields - from Strategic Planning, Brand Management and Product Marketing through to Training & Development and Brand/Company Communication. Plus, few can match the Company's grasp of 'Brand Signature'.

Integrity, honesty, trust and respect are the principles Graham lives by and the values that define how the firm operates.


Call or email for an obligation free and confidential discussion about your business and what keeps you awake at night and make sure you join our BLOG Mailing list for case studies, advice and ideas that could help you and your business.

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