To be effective, the website for a medical or allied healthcare professional must reflect their area of expertise, instil confidence and use language that's easily understood by the average man/woman on the street. If it fails to do these things then it's unlikely to deliver a return on investment.

Style, Design & Functionality


Online success depends more on visual impact, intuitive design and functionality that it does on size, geographical location or reputation. To begin with, the website for a medical practice or allied healthcare professional must have standout. After all, it's competing against every other site for attention. But it doesn't stop there - it must also be easy to navigate, have appropriate high quality images and feature functionality that supports positive patient outcomes. Written copy should be minimised and above all it must be accurate and written with the target audience in mind. Even with these boxes ticked, without consideration of SEO (search engine optimisation), there's no guarantee anyone will see it.

Online success can be measured in several ways - by the number of visitors, the number of times they visit, the length of time they spend on the site or certain pages and the level of interaction - bookings, comments and purchases. In addition to getting the attention of your target audience, it should inspire them to share your URL with others provide good reasons for them to return.

This is achieved through the combination of 4 ingredients - style, design, content and functionality.

Style refers to the aesthetics or the 'look' and this changes over time. So, what is considered to be stylish today, could be condemned as old fashion and boring tomorrow. As for design - this is a much deeper quality and best compared to structure or form. Something well designed, does not automatically qualify as being stylish. Content refers the information it provides and how it appears (i.e. images, resource material, video or downloadable documents). Functionality on the other hand relates to features, and this is often determined by technology.

It is fair to say - if your website is 2 or more years old, then it most likely does not capitalise on the latest developments across these 4 requirements for online success. Furthermore, it could even be damaging to your business.

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Our New Low-Cost Approach

The introduction of free website templates turned the web-development industry on its head. But even though Squarespace began offering them back in 2004 and Wix in 2006, it took until 2018/19 for them to really take off. Before this, every website was uniquely designed and built. This required at least 2 experts (one for design and another for coding) and it was not unusual for a website to cost upward of $10,000. Plus, there were also maintenance costs for simple things like updating images.

Today, there are a number of companies offering free templates and each has its advantages and disadvantages. After considerable research, idResults decided on wix.com and have gone on to become a strategic partner. You will find a host of videos on You Tube that compare wix.com to others and the wix.com is commonly rated as the best or equal first in the market. There are 3 qualities stand wix.com apart from the others:

  1. Simple to use.

  2. Easy to update images and other content.

  3. 24/7 technical support.

In addition, wix.com offers the latest in modern contemporary website designs supported by an extensive library of free high-quality images and video plus access to the latest website functionality in the form of APPs. While the 'all bells and whistles' version of APPs comes at a cost, they typically have a basic version available for free.

Rather than engage web designers, idResults conducts a search to find a wix.com template that best suits each Client. Strategic marketing expertise, brand management experience, creative skill and consumer insight are used to bring this to life. The finished product is a website that's unique to each business.

Where medical treatment and terminology is difficult to understand, idResults can help translate this into everyday language. Plus, idResults has the production capability to produce brand videos using your own or stock footage.

1 Website - 2 Views

All websites are initially designed according to how theywill appear on a desktop PC. But just because it looks good and is easy to navigate on a PC doesn’t mean the same applies to a smart phone or device. To be equally effective, the design must be modified to fit a smaller screen and the content adjusted to better suit mobile users. Fail to modify your website and you risk frustrating up to 50% of your target audience.

So, when you engage idResults to build your website, the initial design must be viewed from a PC. Once approved another version is created for devices. So although you have one website, there will be 2 different views.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The likelihood that your website will be seen by your target audience depends largely on something called SEO (search engine optimisation). This involves website features like meta tags, key words, headings, descriptive text, and hyperlinks. Each one is used by search engines like Google, Bing and Internet Explorer and they affect where your website appears in search results. This is important because more than 90% of internet experiences begin with a search engine and consumers rarely consider anything beyond the first page of results.

idResults starts work on the SEO of your website with the first page of content to ensure your website is SEO ready the moment it goes live. Performing SEO testing and comparative analysis every 12 to 18 months can further improve and optimise search engine results.

Principles of Web Design

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idResults has developed a 15 factor Guideline on website strategy and design. It provides a detailed explanation of each plus practical examples. You can download a FREE copy of this Guideline by using the link below .