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Adding a Blog to the Panel One website was a significant move but one idResults considered essential for Panel One to remain as an industry leader.

But rather than using 3rd party content as others have done, idResults has agreed to supply content that’s prepared exclusively for Panel One. Although this will require considerable research on every chosen subject, it was deemed a mandatory requirement. If it was discovered that Panel One had simply purchased the same material that appeared on a competitor's site, then the Company’s reputation and credibility could be seriously damaged.

Panel One takes pride in being an industry leader, a position that requires it to be innovative and forward thinking. The purpose of the Blog is to draw on the expert knowledge and experience gained in the Company’s 30+ years of operation and use that knowledge to help clients maximise their return on investment; a client benefit that will further differentiate Panel One in the market.

Although BMW manufacture a wide range of vehicle models across several lifestyle categories, it is a luxury brand and entry to this club comes at a price. While those who buy a new BMW expect it to depreciate over time, the amount lost is important in order to maintain consumer confidence in the brand.

The Blog provides Panel One the opportunity to build stronger client relationships and loyalty to their brand and the means to engage clients outside those times when their car is being repaired.

idResults believes client engagement is set to become even more important in the near future as insurance companies continue their attempt to restrict policy owners on their choice of repairer in an effort to reduce costs and increase insurance company profits.


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Adding a Blog to the Panel One website will further differentiate them from the market, reinforce their leadership position and is proof positive of the Company's efforts to be innovative.

Launching the Panel One Blog in December 2019 was an opportunity to engage a growing number of their website subscribers