Why idResults?

idResults was founded on the principle that big-end-of-town expertise should be affordable for any business, regardless of size. Since it was established, the Company has delivered on this promise; helping small and medium size businesses compete on a level playing field with their larger rivals. As well as price, there are many other reasons for considering idResults.

Thanks for considering idResults for your Practice?

When I established the Company, I intended to focus on the retail industry, but it soon became clear that what we offered struck a chord and our expert knowledge and skillset were highly transferable. Since then, idResults has been engaged by companies of all sizes from several industries - musical education, finance, and motor vehicle repairs to name just a few. Although they are different types of businesses from different industries, they face the same challenges - how to attract and connect with their target market, and how to engage, inspire and build long-term loyalty? We have proven our ability to provide a new perspective in addressing these issues.

More recently, much of our project work has concentrated on websites and web-based marketing. That's because for a small to medium size business, their website is likely to be the biggest and the most visible investment they will ever make in marketing and promotion. When every spare moment is spent keeping up with the daily demands of a business, who has the spare time or necessary expertise to develop a brand strategy and execute it across a website and integrate it into their Practice? This is what idResults does best. 

Unlike every other medium, the internet offers an even playing field and shows no favour to the goliaths of industry. It's where size and geographical location make little difference but creativity and intuitive thinking do.

So, why have we chosen to champion medical practice marketing?

From 2012 I faced a number of serious challenges to my health and wellbeing and was surprised and shocked to discover the medical and healthcare industry was well behind the 8 ball with website design and functionality. While large medical centres were generally well presented online, this was not the case for the traditional family GP or Allied Healthcare Professionals. I found few even had a web-presence, if so they were no better than a Yellow Pages listing and difficult to find.

It's true that low-cost website designers based in India and Pakistan are an easy solution, but poor English comprehension and the inability to understand and communicate to an Australian audience are good reasons to avoid them.

While I'm no medical expert, I know how to create professional brands and how to engage and connect with consumers. So, I've since dedicated myself to help medical specialists and those in the allied healthcare industry to introduce their own professional branding and use their websites to build awareness, to engage with their clients and protect the long-tern viability of their Practice.


Marketing is not just Advertising

Many people confuse marketing with advertising. It is understandable given that advertising is the most visible example of marketing activity and something we are exposed to everyday.

But marketing is more than magazine adds or commercials you see on television. Marketing is a term to describe the many different methods of communication employed by a business to reach its target market. The objective is to connect with the audience and to make a positive and long-last impression. Marketing can take many forms and some like advertising are more obvious than others.

For a medical or allied healthcare professional this might include – a website, newsletter, direct mail, local advertising, Facebook advertising, posters, brochures, instructional videos and even the telephone answering system.

idResults can help you harness the power of the internet and use it to build your professional brand and future proof your Practice.